Sunday, June 2, 2013

Crawford Project

  Been a few days since I've posted...funny how life kinda gets in the way....nothing bad-just usual life.  Like dishes that don't wash themselves.  Oh, and I've gotten myself into a project.  Remember the ADGD-well sometimes it's a good thing-like finding multiple records at once.  Sometimes it's not-like starting a project and then getting into another track and then having to retrace to get back to original project.  So, I'm going to put myself into an accountability mode and work on this project and update with blog posts.....just don't expect overnight results!  :)

Ok, my 4th great grandfather is Archibald Crawford-all you have to do is google him and you will learn that he lead an interesting life.  He had his own funeral about twenty years before he passed away.  Kept his coffin under his bed-filled with seed corn.  Another kinfolk, Rev. John D. Spencer, officiated the ceremony with a mighty strong serman which terrified many folks.  Interesting story.  Archie was in the War of 1812 and was wounded with an arrow.  He was also accused of breaking into a house and stealing utensils-I know, what's up with that?  He married Peggy when she was only 13-he was 29....Lots of kids.  Anyway, while finding out all this stuff is fun, we do have some work to do as we are unsure of actual parents of Archibald.  Herein is the project I'm wanting to tackle.

There are publications out there that go in two different directions.  One claims that his parents were Samual and Jane.  Another says that the father is Joseph (Josiah).  Both bring ties in through Estill County, Kentucky.  My goal is to see what conclusions I can come to and try using the wonderful Elizabeth Shown Mills process.  If there are any readers out there who want to chime in-please do!

My goal tomorrow is to hit the Archives and get copies of more of the records so I can sit down and start going through them.  I will post as I progress and when life in general allows.  I will place a plug here in that utilizing both the internet and the actual records really do work hand in hand-or can save some time anyway.  I found the marriage record for Archibald and Peggy (Margaret) in Clark county but nothing about parents.  Then, as I was fiddling with Family Search I hit upon a marriage record of Archibald and Peggy in Madison County about a month before.  So, went and located record-Madison County was where the bond was obtained and marriage record was filed in Clark County.

In addition to information I already have,  I've got the following counties to consider-Bourbon, Clark, Wolfe, Owsley, Estill, Madison, Breathitt and Lee-that is just in Kentucky....

So, stay tuned.....

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