Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oral History....Are You Recording Yours?

     So, I've started mulling and pondering, especially when I have those nights of taking time falling asleep.....  Oral Histories came to mind - I know, I'm supposed to be thinking about those brick walls....  Anyway, I got to thinking about my concept of 'Oral History' and the first thing that comes to mind is getting stories from our parents, grandparents etc.  But then it hit me....what are WE doing to provide oral histories of our lives for our children and grandchildren?  It dawned on me that our lives are history as well and are we doing our own 'oral history' for those that come after?  If you think about it-sure, we have Facebook, but do we really want our great-grand kids to form a picture of us based only on those posts?  Not so sure about that......LOL

    Am I recording my childhood stories?  What about those stories about my son that he may not remember?  What was school like for me?  How did I get from being born in Michigan to graduating from Lee County High school in Kentucky?  I know why, but am I recording these things for down the road?

     I don't know about you, but I like making my research real by trying to get pictures of what life was like, how they lived-you know, personal tidbits.  But aren't mine, my husbands and my sons just as 'important' for down the road?  So, with this personal epiphany, I guess that is another item I need to start adding to my To Do list..and I need to start yesterday as I know there are lots of stories I've already forgotten.  Years ago, folks kept diaries today we have the internet but is that really the same thing?  I'm not so sure, nor am I sure that I want to put this kind of thing on, say, Facebook but I do need to start adding to my tab on Legacy and noting those stories 'we'd never forget'......Are you recording yours?

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