Saturday, January 4, 2014

James Riley Aldridge

James Riley Aldridge was born about 1830, census records indicate he was born in Kentucky.  Have not had any luck finding his parents as of yet.  He does show up in the 1860, 1870, 1880 Census, in Franklin County, KY;   His occupations were Mill Hand, Laborer and then farmer in 1880 census.  Haven't been able to find a death certificate.  After fiddling with this line for a few years, my husband, bless his heart, finally shared a story.  According to family legend, he was coming home with the tobacco money, was knocked in the head and thrown into the river.  Not had any luck so far finding a death record.  I have checked tax records available and he shows up in Franklin County through 1884.  In 1885 only his son George shows up.  They rented, so no land records.  I still have newspapers to check, court records (for possible death declaration etc) if that is the case.  Do have marriage information-but nothing really helpful.  So, I'm considering this a Brick wall at this point.

If I do have any success....will post.

P.S. It does help to proof read or I'd have a really, really old in-law:)

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