Friday, February 21, 2014

Breck Watkins

Breck Watkins is my Great Grandfather who was born July 8, 1879 in Kentucky.  Have not found him in the 1900 census though I have a note that in that census he was doing Public Work in a Sawmill.  (Need to find out where I obtained that information.)  He would have been eleven years old and he was not listed with parents or within close range-I've checked all pages in that precinct.  In the 1940 Census, he reported that he went to the 8th grade in school.  Primary occupation through the records is farming.

In 1909 he married Mollie Jett and in 1910 they were living next door to his parents, Sherman and Millie Watkins.    On June 5, 1917, he completed the WWI Registration form and indicated that he was then living in Oakdale, Breathitt County, Kentucky with his wife and children.  Occupation was farming.

Their first child was named Gordon and he died young-not sure of year.  Per my Grandmother, he was the first born.  Then Golden was born  in 1912 and Grandma (Lillian) in 1914.   Both are in the 1920 Census.  They were still living close to Brecks parents. There were no more children til Breck, Jr. who was born in 1924.  So, by 1930, Breck and Mollie had lost one son and had three living children.

Based on what I've researched so far, he appeared to lead a normal life.  Then on July 19th in the year of  1944, his body was found on the railroad tracks- his head was mashed and his body severed. Delayed Death Certificate indicates that it was ruled an accident.  Rumors included murder and/or drunkenness.  At this point, I am interested in seeing what the newspapers had to say.  Haven't found any yet, but that is on my To Do List.....

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