Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This, That, & Tother - A Little About Me

Hi, I'm finally breaking over and attempting a blog!  Primary focus of this blog will be genealogy, with some history and since history is being made every moment, there may be current stuff as well.  I've been doing genealogy for a long time off and on while raising a family, working and living life in general.  Major surnames include Spencer, Jett, Watkins, Lucas, Jamison, Hobbs, Crawford , Herald-all of these are in  centered around Eastern Kentucky.  Then there is the 'northern line' which include Holetons, Rogotzki, Kopitzki, Damrau, Welke etc-this line centers around Michigan with some Ohio involvement.  Then there is my spouse's line which all centers around central Kentucky-Colston, Aldridge, Wiley, Woolums, McGuire, Cummins, Harlow and Young.  My goals are to be able to share things I learn, maybe pick up ideas that I've not thought of and have fun doing it.  Fortunately, I'm experiencing the gamut of genealogy options-I have folks that have been in the US since the 1600's and then I have some that came over from Germany in the late 1800's.  I have brick walls and brick walls:)  One line seems to have been dropped in Kentucky!  So far, any infamous characters have been on the wrong side of the law:(  However, since I am a Spencer and Princess Diana is a Spencer-we must be related!  LOL  Maybe I can prove that one of these the meantime, I intend to share findings, interesting stories, tidbits etc.  To all those fellow Genealogists-Happy Hunting!


  1. I'm thinking about 'taking the leap myself' -- so I'm especially excited to follow you as you begin the blogging journey. It sure looks like you are off to a very good start, with some very interesting posts. Nice layout as well!! I hope you will add a surname page, and that you will also include a few posts about the blogging experience itself.

  2. Saw your blog listed at Geneabloggers, congratulations. If you ever need any help with blogger let me know. Also, just what ever you do keep blogging it is very rewarding and you will soon meet new cousins.

    Take care,

    Moises Garza
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    Mexican Genealogy - Blog where I help anyone with Mexican roots get started with their family history.

  3. Welcome to GeneaBloggers!

    I took the genealogy blogging leap myself almost a year ago. And I have to say, it's been fun.

    Best Regards,