Thursday, March 14, 2013

When donating all your hard work....

One of the 'tother' things I do is volunteer at the Kentucky History Center.  Lately I've been helping to catalog genealogy donations.  One piece of advice to any who are considering donating all their hard work to an organization to preserve and share, check with that organization as to the best way they would like to receive it.  I do use hanging folders at home and after working on a collection, I realized how challenging that can be organization-these folders not only mutilate cardboard storage boxes, they are rough on the hands!  Today I worked on photographs and came across some really neat ones.  This family was into picture taking and there were some really nice 'period' photos.  One of the lady and she was dressed in the 1920's style.  Another one of her had her in a fur coat.....

On a similar note, I worked on a file the other day that had quite a few pages of correspondence.  As I was busy working, my eyes started picking up interesting words/phrases-such as 'you are quite mistaken', 'not sure how you source your information', 'she could NOT have been from that county' etc (this is paraphrasing not exact quotes.  So, my ADGD (Attention Deficit Genealogy Disorder) kicked in and I couldn't stop myself from skimming their arguments.....I left that day with a feeling of 'oh my' and the phrase of 'put that in your fairy tale mind' still plagues me today!  LOL  Another word to the wise-think carefully about what correspondence you include in your donation!

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  1. Such a good point. I hadn't thought about it before, but it is important to know not only "where" to donate your research but also "how." I think you have inspired a blog post for me!