Tuesday, April 30, 2013

OGS, German Research, Family Search, Blogging in general...

     Hi!  This will be a true This, That and Tother post!  LOL

     First off, I attended the Ohio Genealogy Society Conference in Cincinnati Ohio last week and loved it!  Learned a lot.  Too bad I can't clone myself to be able to attend all of the sessions....alas, I had to narrow it down and ended up following the German Track-which was entirely worth it!  I do recommend conferences whenever you can-great way to learn, grow, build social contacts etc.

     Speaking of German Research.  Lots and lots to know!  As one speaker pointed out-you do not have to be fluent in German to be able to research successfully!  Thanks goodness-I have forgotten a lot of my high school German lessons!  A couple of helpful hints, that finally clicked with me last week, include the significance of church records.  If you really want to go back in time-make a point of finding those villages and more importantly the church records!  Another eye opener for me involves nicknames.  If you have done any research, you know that names seem to change/alter for no apparent reason....which always makes searching interesting.   I did not realize that in Germany, folks utilized nicknames, as we do in the US, but in a different format.  We tend to take the first syllable of the name and shorten it-for example, Nicholas would be Nick.  Christina would be Christy.   In Germany, the nickname comes from the last syllable.  So, Nicholas would be Klaus and Christina would be Tina.  That explains a bit:)

     So, that brings us to Family Search.  Last fall, several of us worked really hard in transcribing Michigan Death Certificates.  We've waited and waited and waited for them to come up on Family Search to be delved into.  Finally that day came-TODAY!  To date, I have been having some difficulty finding my great grandmothers death certificate-her name is Christina Demrau Holeton.  I knew that there was a divorce between her and my great grandfather-but wasn't sure if she remarried or what happened.  She was single in the 1930 census.  So, I pulled up those Michigan Death records and plugged in Holeton and guess what?  Yep, up popped INA Holeton-right parents, right birth year etc.  AND German lesson paid off-Ina would be the German nickname for Christina!  I've been on cloud nine all day!!!!  Also found my great, great grandmothers death record as well.  So, I'm on a roll!

     In regard to blogging in general.  Here was an opportunity to share my excitement either with whomever chooses to read this- or no one-LOL But I get it out there!  On a more serious note.  The scheduler is a handy tool for the blogging world!  It is a really easy tool and I put it to use last week.  A friend shared that when she knew she was going to be busy, she'd do several blogs at one time and then schedule them to be posted at different times.  So, I decided to try that last week before I left for NGS.  I wrote up a couple and they posted as scheduled.  This is really handle as we all lead busy lives and sometimes we can't find the time to post as often as we would like.  So, I intend to use extra time to create several blogs at a time and just schedule them to be posted at a later date.

     Tis all for now as I've got to get some things accomplished!  Have a Wonderful Day!!!!

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